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Be Adaptable. Be Resilient. Life's greatest challenges are often life's greatest opportunities.


It’s time to inspire optimism, tenacity, and greatness!

At the beginning of 2020, businesses were doing well. The economy was thriving, and many were looking at living their best life. Now, we regroup….

This crisis can’t be compared to previous experiences – Recessions, SARS, or devasting acts of terrorism. This time the entire world was brought to a halt all at once. It’s been a long, uphill climb; many are changing their careers, dreams are becoming lost chapters, and businesses are strapped with the stress of re-inventing themselves.

It’s easy to lead when things are good, in tough times the burden is beyond imaginable. Only some flourish in times of crisis and there is a difference in saying you are a Crisis Leader versus showing you are. It’s in our company’s DNA to co-create, to push boundaries, and to lead teams through any circumstance.

Throughout 2020, our team stayed true to our vision. We kept the tourism industry engaged and hopeful for a better tomorrow, we grew two divisions of our company – Life style and Corporate – and expanded our Digital Marketing & Social Media Advertising services. With access to change makers, we delivered compelling strategies and executed plans at extraordinary levels.

I am truly grateful to the many clients that stood by us in the worst possible time. Please know this loyalty and commitment will not be forgotten in my lifetime. Thank you.

Supporting our community during the most difficult times is who we are. This year we invested with an organization called “Canada’s Total Mom Pitch”. A group associated with some of the most powerful women in our country helping entrepreneurs.

As we move into 2021, our team will always “Reach Beyond”. We will continue build a company that outperforms any other, that honors the value of human connections, and at the end of the day, gets the job done with spirit!

Together, we will keep the dream alive.

President & CEO

Our Team Spirit

Hear It From Others

"Throughout 2020, we’ve had to revisit plans and revise marketing strategies to accommodate an ever-changing landscape. Most recently, Reach Global planned and facilitated an incredibly successful virtual media event that our partners are still raving about. Not only did it generate immediate editorial coverage for Maryland, it opened up opportunity for our team to present the event as a case study to surrounding regions and state executives. We’re grateful for Reach’s strong connections in market and innovation in times of crisis.”


Communications Manager, Maryland Department of Commerce Office of Tourism

"It's been an absolutely pleasure working with the Reach team. In the first 30 days, they turned around the most amazing media coverage that perfectly aligned with our mission to spread positive messages and empower women across the country”


Founder & CEO of Canada's Total MomPitch

“I’ve worked with Charmaine for over 15 years and have witnessed first-hand her incredible accomplishments. What I love about her is she’s the first to roll up her sleeves and get in the trenches. She’s a do-er, but most importantly she’s a good person. If there’s anyone I would put my money behind, it’s Charmaine and her team."


Co-Owner & Publisher, TorStar Corp.

"We’ve worked with Charmaine and her team for over a decade. Their ability to effortlessly connect with people and lead trends in Canada is what makes them so remarkable. In this time of crisis, Reach continues to think strategically by aligning Visit NC with corporate brands and focusing on innovative digital platforms to grow our audience and keep our brand alive. We trust the Reach team implicitly and look forward to welcoming Canadians back to North Carolina soon.”


Director Partner & Industry Relations, Visit North Carolina